Jeans, a never out of style fashion icon. At Purewhite jeans is in our brand DNA, we specialize in it, we have fun with it. Our range varies in multiple styles and washes. So, if you’re into the ultra stretch, our very own pure flex technology jeans will be your thing. It has a 70% stretch limit, making sure the jeans keep their fit and shape. On the hunt for an everyday straight fit? Look no further. Or if you like the comfort of a jogger and the appearance of jeans, again we have just the style for you.

Faded blue, jet black, used grey, embroidered or executed in a classic wash, it’s all up to you. Years and years of experience have gone into our variety of 5 pockets, it’s time to meet Stan, Jone, Lenny, and Steve.

The Jone

Stretches but doesn’t stretch out. That’s the Jone, in a nutshell. The pureflex technology allows the denim fabric of these skinny jeans to reach a 70% stretch limit, making sure the jeans keeps their fit and shape. So that you can keep wearing them over and over again.

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The Jone 325 Dark Fade BlueThe Jone 325 Dark Fade Blue


The Jone 325 Dark Fade Blue

The Jone Cargo 468 GreyThe Jone Cargo 468 Grey


The Jone Cargo 468 Grey

The Jone Cargo 469 BlueThe Jone Cargo 469 Blue


The Jone Cargo 469 Blue


The Stan

Meet Stan, a modern day denim icon with its casual slim fit and straight legs. This 5 pocket model fits below the waist and has all the classic jean features. The slim fit combines the best of both worlds as it is not too tight, nor too loose but right into the comfortable middle.

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The Lenny

The comfort of joggers but the appearance of jeans? That’s Lenny. Purewhite’s skinny  Jog Jeans, executed in the most comfortable , super soft, ‘jog’ fabric. Where comfort meets style, without limitations.

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